Tuesday, March 13, 2012

House Democrats' Loss Will Hopefully Be Someone's Future Gain

Rep. Jeb Bardon (D-Indianapolis)
Jeb Bardon is far too classy to point fingers when it comes to what happened to him in redistricting, but we don't have to hear it from him to know.

By the decree of the House Republicans, Bardon's district was absorbed by other districts, and his place of residence was put into Vanessa Summers' district.  It's something that happened to other people on both sides of the aisle, but, in Bardon's case it seems most cruel.

Bardon, showing the class he's been long known for, decided to defer to the longer-serving Summers, a longtime family friend of his, and not to pursue another term in the Indiana House.  Honestly, I feel good for him.  After his term ends in January, he can now move on to other things, and I look forward to whatever the next step is for him.

As a legislator, Bardon has built a solid record in the House, and that will serve him well if and when he decides what he's going to do next.  He began in the state legislature as a very young man, and he's still young now after what will be 14 years in the Indiana House.  Bardon has never been shy about listening to his constituents.  I am not a constituent, but I can remember him asking me about my opinion on education policy, alcohol sales legislation, and listening to me rant on more than one occasion about something.  He would always stand and listen as long as he had to and be ready with a response about what was going on in the legislature.

"Jon, have you heard about..." he would start.  Then, he would explain the bill and what it might or might not do.  I haven't had this conversation with him just once but countless times.

With that heavy legislative schedule, Bardon continued to operate his family business of Westside sandwich shops and to spend time with his children and his wife.

In many ways, Jeb is too good to be true.  He's clearly in the game of politics for all the right reasons.  That's why I look forward to his next venture with great hope.  I hope that this is not the last we see out of him, and he can always count on me for support.


Paul K. Ogden said...

As Jeb's opponent in his first bid for re-election, I couldn't agree more. Jeb Bardon has been a top-notch legislator. I really appreciate his work in the area of real estate reform. We need more thoughtful, dedicated public servants like Jeb.

Had Enough Indy? said...

He gets two thumbs up from me, as well.