Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Hodge Podge: Meter Blues; Senate News; Assembly Wraps

Meter Blues
You remember that landmark parking deal that was supposed to be such a big boon for the city? Well, the numbers are coming in.

The City of Indianapolis profit is $1 million short of where it thought it would be, according to the Indianapolis Star.  The 50-year parking meter lease was supposed to pull in $2.1 million, but, after everything is said and done, the Star reports the city will pocket $1.1 million.  It's revenue, so that's something to cheer about, but it's not the over $3.5 million in revenue the vendor pocketed, according to the Star.

The Star article says Ballard sees the program as a success because of the uptick in revenue and the $20 million up front payment.  I guess we shall see.  My friend Pat Andrews does some excellent analysis here on her Had Enough Indy blog.

Senate News
The Indiana Senate race moves forward with Richard Mourdock picking up the NRA endorsement, and Richard Lugar still needing to answer questions about his residency.  Tea Party members filed a lawsuit this week appealing the Indiana Election Commission's dismissal of its claim that Lugar no longer resides in Indiana and is thus ineligible for office.  This is definitely the fight of Lugar's Senate career.

Joe Donnelly continues to build momentum on the Democratic side.  I have heard that some constituency groups have had good meetings with Donnelly.  That should help him with the base.

Session Wraps
The Indiana General Assembly will wrap up business on time today.  This is the second-straight year that the body got all of its work done on time...even after a Democrat walkout over Right to Work this year.

When the body reconvenes in January, you have to wonder what the makeup will be.  Will the Democrats be able to cut in to the Republican majorities, or will Republicans maintain or expand their advantages.  We'll find out in November.

This will be the swan song for three of my favorite Representatives.  Rep. Bill Crawford is retiring, and Rep. Jeb Bardon is leaving the House after his district was absorbed into another in redistricting.

Chairman Crawford and Representative Day are a legends for a reason.  They stood up for the voiceless for many years and gave them a voice and excellent representation.  I am honored that I can call Representative Bardon my friend.  You won't find many in that body that take their jobs more seriously than he does.

The House will miss all three!

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