Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ballard Should Swallow Pride, Admit Mistakes, Work With Council to Solve Budget Woes

Mayor Greg Ballard
Let's get this out of the way first.

Greg Ballard has no cover anymore.  The Mayor of Indianapolis (and the then Republican-led City-County Council) has been exposed for the poor leadership he has shown in being up front about this city's resources the last few years.

To be fair, he would have had to be a fiscal ninja to lead the city fiscally through this mess given the property tax caps he has had to deal with, but, with no oversight, it's now all hitting the fan.  The ninja has no clothes.

After years of suspicion that Indianapolis could not be in good fiscal shape, Mayor Greg Ballard's own administration seems to be confirming that the city is in trouble and really in trouble in the area of public safety.

Let's be fair.  Melina Kennedy would have found herself almost exactly in this position had she won the election in 2011.  The question is, how quickly would we have known and would it have been more quickly than Mayor Ballard's folks have told us?  Probably.

It's all behind us now.  That's enough politics.  We need to get past the past and face the problem that is now in front of us.  Indy is in crisis, and it's not going to be pleasant to get out of it.  This is Mayor Ballard's problem as much as it is the Council's now.  How we got here is not really issue as much as how it will get fixed.

However deep the deficit is in whatever areas, the biggest needs should be identified and taken off the list.  After that, the belt gets very tight.  There can be no more tricks or bandages.  No more raiding TIFs or moving money around.  There can be no more lack of oversight or accountability.  Indianapolis needs solutions from Mayor Ballard.  It needs leadership from its Council, and it probably needs patience from the rest of us.

It's official.  The Super Bowl honeymoon is over, Mr. Mayor.  Now, you must truly show your leadership at work.


Nicolas Martin said...

"How we got here is not really [the] issue"? is this comedy? Profligate spending is the only issue. That's like being diagnosed with syphilis after entertaining a prostitute in your car and telling yourself, "Having risky sex is not really the issue." Not if you can't come to terms with your own irresponsibility it isn't.

If you ever end up in bankruptcy court, try Indy Democrat's "How we got here is not really the issue" and see if it flies.

Wilson46201 said...

What I'd like to know is WHY this budget shortfall is allegedly a surprise to anybody? Is Public Safety facing new and unexpected fiscal outlays? Why wasn't this shortfall projected last year during the budget process? Did the 25th Floor know that there'd be a shortfall crisis this year but concealed it during the Election Cycle last year to get Ballard re-elected?

Anonymous said...

IMPD overspending leads to STRAUB. Less police on the street and a bloated spending habit. Thanks STRAUB

indyernie said...

"Did the 25th Floor know that there'd be a shortfall crisis this year but concealed it during the Election Cycle last year to get Ballard re-elected?"

If they did then they took a page out of the Democrat Play Book and used it against the D's.