Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All's Quiet on the Ballard Front--For Now

Mayor Greg Ballard
Except for his refusal to sign the bi-partisan smoking ban in Marion County, Greg Ballard is having a great 2012.

He's trucking along and under the radar for the moment.  He just appears to open something or cut a ribbon or two.  He's all smiles.

That's about to change.  An unrelated comment to another one of my posts here (that I did not approve since it was unrelated to my original post) pointed out that Indianapolis is going to have a critical budget shortfall upcoming, and Ballard is going to have to be a bi-partisan wizard to solve it.

When Ballard had full reign over the Council, the budgeting process was easier.  Raid a TIF here...move a little money there...say the budget was honestly balanced until you believe it, and it was done.  Now, with a Democratic-majority Council, things are going to get scrutinized a little more.  The big man is going to have to be a little bit more creative than just handing a budget to Ryan Vaughn with a "do pass" demand.

On the other side of that, the budget is also no time to get political for the Democrats.  They will have to take an objective look at things as well and be bi-partisan.  This is no time for revenge.  It's time for solutions.

While the first few months of 2012 have been good ones for Ballard, I think it's about to get a little bumpy if he cannot reach across the aisle and engage key Democrats on this budget.  We can't just kick the can down the street.  Real people are in need of real city services.  Time to see what Mr. Ballard and the Council can do for the citizens of Indianapolis, together.  I have confidence in my friends on the Council.  We'll see what Mr. Mayor has, too.

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varangianguard said...

Yeah, all quiet. As in, "what? snow and ice coming? No, I don't believe it. No salting!"

Hope all the accidents, injuries and deaths from Monday morning don't keep him up at night.