Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who's In, Who's Out; Official Filings with SOS for May Primary

With the May Primary under three months away, who will Democrats be voting for in statewide and federal offices when the polls open?

John R. Gregg
PRESIDENT-Barack Obama
GOVERNOR-John R. Gregg
U.S. SENATE-Joe Donnelly
District 1-Peter J. Visclosky
District 2-Dan Morrison, Brendan Mullen
District 3-Kevin R. Boyd, Stephen G. Hope, John Kuhnle, John Forrest Roberson, Tommy A. Schrader, David Sowards
District 4-Lester Terry Moore, Tara E. Nelson
District 5-Tony Long, Scott Reske
District 6-Dan Bolling, Bradley T. Bookout, Jim Crone, Susan Hall Heitzman, George T. Holland
District 7-Andre' D. Carson, Bob "Citizen" Kern, Pierre Quincy Pullins, Woodrow Wilcox
District 8-Thomas Barnett, William Bryk, Dave Crooks
District 9-Jonathan George, John Griffin Miller, John W. Tilford, Robert Winningham, Shelli Yoder

Now, for the Republicans:

Richard G. Lugar
PRESIDENT-Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Patricia Inez Sandifer, Rick Santorum*
U.S. SENATE-Richard G. Lugar, Richard F. Mourdock
GOVERNOR-Mike Pence, Jim Wallace*
District 1-Joel Phelps, David Wenger
District 2-Greg Andrews, Jackie Walorski
District 3-Marlin A. Stutzman
District 4-Todd Rokita
District 5-Jason Anderson, Susan Brooks, John R. (Jack) Lugar, John McGoff, David McIntosh, Matthew Mount, William "Bill" Salin, Wayne Seybold
District 6-Don Bates, Jr., Bill Frazier, Travis Hankins, John Hatter, Luke Messer, Joe Sizemore, Allen K. Smith, II, Joseph S. Van Wye, Sr.
District 7-Steven Davis, Anthony W. (Tony) Duncan, Wayne E. Harmon, Carlos A. May, JD Miniear, Catherine (Cat) Ping, Lawrence (Larry) B. Shouse
District 8-Larry D. Buschon, Kristi Risk
District 9-Todd Young

*-Facing ballot challenge


Paul K. Ogden said...

I do believe Sandifer is facing a challenge also.

Anonymous said...

Jon, whats you prediction in 5?

Jon E. Easter said...

Boy, that 5th is a mess. Seybold was a nice entry. I think it will probably be McIntosh, but who knows? Comes down to whichever person can get his or her name out there.

As far as Sandifer goes, thanks Paul.