Friday, February 24, 2012

Wallace Out

Jim Wallace addresses a
Republican group.
(From his Facebook Page)
Republican Gubernatorial hopeful Jim Wallace was tossed from the ballot today after a review by the Indiana Election Commission.  The Commission voted 3-1 to exclude Wallace from the ballot after he was challenged over the signatures he provided to gain ballot access.

Mary Beth Schneider of the Indianapolis Star reports that Wallace hopes to appeal the decision and get himself back on the May Primary ballot.  If he is unsuccessful, Mike Pence will be unopposed in May.

For now, the General Election can now begin with Pence on the Republican side and John Gregg as the sole Democrat seeking the nomination.  Libertarians are expected to nominate Rupert Boneham, the TV celebrity, to carry their standard into the 2012 race.  Libertarians select a candidate next month and do not participate in the primary.

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