Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Supreme Court Could Decide Today on White's Replacement

City-County Councillor
Vop Osili
Today, the Indiana Supreme Court will take up the question: Who will replace Charlie White as Secretary of State?

The key will be if the Court finds that, as Marion County Circuit Court Lou Rosenberg did, White was ineligible to be a candidate on the ballot when he was elected.  If so, Indiana Code at the time of the election said that Democratic City-County Councillor Vop Osili should be installed as the new Secretary of State.  Osili finished with the second-most votes to White in the 2010 election.  Libertarian Mike Wherry finished third.  In November 2011, Osili was elected to the Indianapolis Marion County City-County Council.

Governor Mitch Daniels
If the Court finds that White was a legitimate candidate that was tossed from office after being convicted of a felony, then Governor Mitch Daniels will get to choose who will get the chance to fill out White's term.

White's criminal problems are a separate matter than this civil case, but I'm sure that the legal team for the Indiana Democratic Party will try to bring them in to the case.  Legal experts who post on my Facebook page differ on this idea, and, I am not an attorney, so I will defer to them.
Acting Secretary of State
Jerold Bonnett

I can tell you this without any reservation.  Vop Osili is a man of integrity, and he will be a great Secretary of State if he is allowed to serve.  Daniels could appoint current Acting Secretary of State, Jerold Bonnett, to the job, full-time.

The bummer will be for District 15 that will have yet another Councillor if Osili is installed as SOS.  Patrice Abduallah was forced to resign, ironically, over residency problems.  His replacement, Andre' Carson, was elected to Congress in March 2008.  Doris Minton-McNeill took over the seat after Carson resigned to go to Congress.  Osili wanted to bring stability to the district.  When duty calls, you go.  If Osili is to become Secretary of State, he will need everyone's support.

The sad thing is that we could have avoided this embarrassment altogether if the people that voted for Charlie White had only paid attention to what was known when he was elected.

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It's Friday 10:00 PM. Any news? What does the length of the deliberation mean?