Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Bowl Winners and Losers

The Mannings-
Peyton was the story for two weeks leading up to the game, and it's now clear that his career is likely to continue somewhere other than Indianapolis while the Colts move on with Andrew Luck.  When the game actually started, Eli was the guy that vanquished Brady again with yet another fourth quarter heroic comeback.

Tom Coughlin-
The 65-year-old coach probably punched his ticket to Canton, Ohio, with his second Super Bowl victory.  Coughlin is a great coach, and he excelled by pushing his players to toe the line while the other NFL football coach in New York City blustered and yapped but hasn't backed it up on the big stage.  Coughlin's not cuddly and as interesting as other coaches, but he's a winner in big situations.  I hope he gives it another shot next year.

The entire city showed beautifully on national TV, and the national and international press seemed to really enjoy its time here.  Indianapolis did not fumble its big moment on one of the world's biggest stages.  The Indianapolis Super Bowl Committee should be not only applauded, but they should plan the next one, too.  Now, we wait to see what the final economic impact was for the city.  Don't be surprised if this Super Bowl doesn't pay off right away.

Mayor Greg Ballard-
Credit where credit is due, here.  Mayor Ballard may have benefited in many ways from things that previous Indianapolis Mayors have put in place, but he gets a lot of credit for putting the right people in place to pull this off.  With the exception of the fumble over the smoking ban, which, to be fair, he hasn't vetoed yet, Mayor Ballard carried the ball very well for Indianapolis.

Public Safety Agencies in Indianapolis-
They kept Indy safe with about a million visitors downtown over the last week in the mile square.  Excellent work by Frank Straub and his entire staff as well as IMPD, IFD, and all the other agencies.

Georgia Street-
Well, it didn't need a new name after all to be the heart of our city's Super Bowl entertainment effort.  Georgia Street is still the best name for this Indianapolis showcase.

There was enough "haterade" flowing by the detractors out there.  It was good to see Madonna put them in their place.  She gave an energetic performance that was visually stunning.  Looks like Madonna's cone bra has a little life left in it, still.  Her new single is already growing on me.  She also proved that "Like a Prayer" still rocks.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady-
It's a hero or goat world in the NFL.  Bill Belichick becomes the goat in this one.  He pretty much threw the game in order to win it.  Now, the likelihood of Lawrence Tynes missing a short field goal is almost zilch, but we saw just over two weeks ago that even "automatic" field goals aren't sure things.  Just ask Billy Cundiff and the Baltimore Ravens.  Belichick's gamble almost worked, too.  Rob Gronkowski had a chance at the football in the end zone when the Giants' defense failed to knock the Tom Brady "Hail Mary" pass down.  Nonetheless, it didn't work out and the Pats lose.  Tom Brady didn't have his best game, either.  This is another recent playoff gaffe for him against an average defensive secondary.  He didn't get much help from his receivers, but he didn't get it done.

Jim Irsay-
When Bill Polian was behind the controls, Jim Irsay was the happy-go-lucky owner tweeting his way into the hearts of his fan base.  These last two weeks, he has wisely seized control of his franchise, but he's been way too loud.  What made him a fan favorite has now drawn him into comparisons with NFL owners like Jerry Jones.  Sometimes, silence is golden.

Indiana General Assembly Republicans-
While the world watched, the Indiana General Assembly jammed through the right to work bill.  The Indiana Senate actually pushed through a "teaching creationism science" bill.  Indiana's Republican-led General Assembly made Indiana look really bad.

Charlie White-
Carl Brizzi's odd tactics helped make Charlie White a convicted felon.  Hopefully, for White, the six felony charges he was convicted on by a jury of his peers will be reduced to misdemeanors at sentencing.  Hopefully, for Indiana, White will be permanently removed from office.  The Indiana Republican Party should be ashamed of itself that it put up a candidate that clearly was not qualified for office and then backed him without question.  That was embarrassing, but don't say we didn't tell you so.

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