Sunday, February 26, 2012

Steve Davis Tweets Obama, Carson Insults

Obama Hater, Candidate for
Congress, Steve Davis
Candidate for 7th District Congress, Steve Davis, has been ramping up his tweet attacks on President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, the Obama Administration and lumping in Andre Carson, too.  That's not all.  There are attacks on Muslims trumpeting the arrival of Sharia Law.  Haven't we seen this playbook before?

Take a sampling here.  His Twitter...@chief4congress

Some of his tweets have a very familiar cadence--kind of like Stan Solomon's tweets, the controversial campaign manager that was forced to resign from Marvin Scott's campaign after controversial tweets.  Solomon has had Davis on his internet program frequently.

Regardless of who is tweeting the tweets, Davis seems to be going negative early on in this one before even winning the Primary nod.  One at a time, Steve.


Scott Coxey said...

One of them about a bullet seemed like a threat that should maybe be investigated, Very sad to live so near this pyscho.

Jon E. Easter said...

I think he was referring to an Obama quote saying there was no "silver bullet" to end high gas prices, but, without context, it was a little odd.

Anonymous said...

Where does the GOP find these characters? Aren't they embarrassed?

Anonymous said...

If you are honest....
Andre Carson has said some truly embarrassing things

Anonymous said...

If you are honest here Andre Carson has said some truly outlandish and embarrassing things.