Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Republicans Refuse to Buck Mayor

At Monday's City-County Council Meeting, the Republican Caucus in the City-County Council voted almost in lockstep against overriding Mayor Greg Ballard's veto of the smoking ban.  It was the latest head-scratcher in the no brainer that should be a comprehensive smoking ban in Marion County.

Sixteen Democrats held serve, but the three Republicans that crossed the aisle to vote for the ordinance refused to cross back and vote to override the Mayor's veto.  The result?  Status quo, and, unless the Indiana General Assembly does something, there won't be a smoking ban here in Indianapolis for yet another year.  I know the detractors are jumping up and down in victory, but this is going to happen in this city.  It's going to happen soon either by the state's doing or by council action (which Zach Adamson is hoping to help get going again).

The really significant thing is the lack of a willingness for fellow Republicans to override Republican Mayor Greg Ballard's veto.  Makes me wonder how deeply these R's held their beliefs on this issue.  It tells me that the three Republicans that initially voted for the ordinance maybe knew the Mayor was going to veto it anyway if the proposal passed and decided to make a show vote.

That happens in politics on both sides of the aisle.  I just hate that it's playing with something like this...a public health issue.

If I were the Democrats on the Council, I would bring up this issue at every opportunity and highlight why Indianapolis' bars and other locations that would have been affected by the ordinance aren't smoke free.  Just keep on the pressure.



Smoke easy at M's Salon! Washington's birthday is our next Salon. Jon would fit in, I suspect. Although all invites for this year are taken. maybe next. would LOVE

Anonymous said...

Ya I hate it when they play with a public health issue like this.

But I love it that as a business owner that the city can come in and tell me how to run my business.

I wake up every morning hood that the city has come up with new ideas to clean out my wallet and tell me how to run my business.

Zack is in way over his head, I get the fact that he is in his honeymoon period,but he is over the top.His continually attacking the Mayor on Facebook cannot do him any good.
He is doing Maggies job. That aint good

Anonymous said...

Your business whatever it is, is already regulated by government at all levels. If you are a bar or restaurant then triple that. I want it to continue. All you have to do is travel in a country where there are no regulations and you will see what happens when there is no accountability and standards for businesses.