Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mourdock Doesn't Measure Up to Lugar

Senator Richard Lugar
Richard G. Lugar has been a loyal Republican for years.  Let's get that out of the way.  He's not a liberal.  He's not almost a Democrat.  For the majority of his 35 years on the job, he's been a loyal Republican vote for Presidents Reagan, H.W. Bush, and W. Bush.  He hasn't left the Republican Party.  The Republican Party has left him.

Lugar's old school--a brilliant man with a gift for policy who doesn't feel comfortable playing politics with wedge issues.  Unfortunately, new school politics has found his own party turning on him at the grassroots level, and Lugar will be banking on those old school Republicans to come back out and push him back into office again.

Fox 59 reported that the Republican committees in Henry and Delaware Counties had straw polls over the weekend, and Lugar lost 61-8 to Richard Mourdock, a man that will never fill Lugar's shoes intellectually or as a statesman.  Lugar is a Hoosier icon.  Mourdock is the flavor of the election season pushed by anger of the Tea Party.

The Republican Party is abandoning Lugar, and I don't know how he will fix it.  If he cannot turn out his reliable base, he's done.

Part-Time Treasurer Richard Mourdock
Richard Mourdock is the new Republican Party.  He's Indiana's version of Rick Santorum, politically.  Mourdock, as Lugar has points out, is an 11-time candidate for public office who rarely shows up for work as Treasurer.  Mourdock filed lawsuits on behalf of the state in order to try to bankrupt Chrysler, a company now well on its way to recovery.

For Lugar, it would be a sad way for a good man to go out.  Lugar's the kind of man that can give an eloquent 20-minute speech off the top of his head.  Lugar is the kind of man that will stand in a room of constituents and shake hands, take pictures, and sign autographs until he's the last man in the room.  I know because I've seen him do it.

Richard Lugar is still an effective Senator even though he's pushing 80.  It doesn't mean I'd vote for him in November, but I certainly would never give someone like Mourdock the nod over him.  If this is an "anybody but" race, pass Lugar through and beat him in November by voting for Joe Donnelly, but don't give someone like Richard Mourdock the honor.  He's always looking for his next opportunity.


marksmall2001 said...

Very well said. I heard Lugar answer questions, during an appearance when I was in second year of law school. He answered questions about internal politics of what we---most of the rest of the world probably, too---consider obscure countries. (I believe they were the Ivory Coast and French Guyana.) I am not a fan of Donnelly but probably will vote for him in the fall, but I trust a man of Lugar's intelligence on matters of international security (e.g., elimination of nukes), over Mordock (as in Mordor). And why capitalize the first letters of "tea party"? It is not a political party.

Anonymous said...

Jon, What scares me the most is the folks that Mourdock has around him. Greg Fettig,The leader of the Hooser Patriots is a very scary person,to the right of Santorum.

Not a single person in Indiana can dispute Lugars unequaled service to our country and to our state. Hoosiers on both sides of the isle admire this man. To see Mourdock do this is beyond understanding.

It really shows you where Mourdock comes from.he has nothing to offer so he has to tear down

Indy Student said...

What Howey doesn't mention is that no elected executive in Indiana has to attend every single board meeting that they're a part of. Sending surrogates or appointing people to go there on behalf of the office is just fine. Zeller, Daniels, etc... don't attend every meeting they have to, and holding Mourdock up to an entirely different standard is unrealistic. I'm sure Mr. Osili, if the SOS mess works out in his favor, will similarly send surrogates to many meetings and attend those that he can.

I'd like to compare a statewide D office holder to contrast it with Mourdock's, but apparently, there aren't many of those these days.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if I can vote for Donnelly or not. I am a long time Democrat. Donnelly is not much different than Mourdock on many issues. I may have to give Lugar my vote in November. Donelly does not appear to even care about the Dem party or the values that the party represents. Either GOP candidate will easily defeat Donnelly. He will run at about the same pace as Jill Long did for governor.