Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mitt Strikes Back

Mitt Romney easily won the Florida Primary putting aside, for the moment, the most recent attack on his path to the Republican nomination.
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich came home in a distant second place, but he has held Romney under 50 percent, it appears.  Rick Santorum came home third, and Ron Paul finished fourth.

Now, the questions begin about who's in and who's out as the Republicans continue to battle.  As we head to February, the battle shifts from the East Coast (with the exception of the Maine week-long caucus from Feb. 4-11) to the West and Midwest.

Nevada is on Feb. 4, and Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri come up on on Feb. 11.  Santorum and Paul are both campaigning in the West where they are expected to do well in the caucus formats in Nevada and Colorado.  Romney will certainly have the money to continue, and, as Newt is likely to continue through at least Super Tuesday.

Still lots of twists and turns are left!  

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Hopefully Gingrich will slither back under his rock.