Monday, February 20, 2012

May Schedules Kickoff Event for Campaign to Unseat Carson

Carlos May
Carlos May, who was the slated Republican candidate for 7th District Congress in 2010, will kickoff his 2012 campaign on Wednesday, Feb. 29, at Tavern on the South.  May has lots of company in the race on the Republican side.

Andre Carson
Unlike other Republican candidates, May is a more moderate fit for the 7th District and could give Congressman Andre Carson a bit better campaign than other further right candidates.  Steve Davis, Tony Duncan, Wayne Harmon, JD Minear, Cat Ping, and Larry Shouse are the Republicans in the race for the nomination.

The two-timed failed candidate for Marion County Sheriff, Davis, figures to have the support of many of the people who pushed Scott hard in 2010.  That includes the always-controversial Stan Solomon, who has Davis as a frequent guest on his low-quality internet talk show.

Carson has some competition of his own.  Perennial candidates Bob Kern and Pierre Quincy Pullins are giving it another run.  Kern must have decided against challenging Joe Donnelly for the Democratic nod for U.S. Senate.  Woodrow Wilcox rounds out the group of four Democrats running.  Carson is, of course, the hands down favorite to win the nomination.

Will May get nominated?  If the Republicans are smart, he will.  If he does, it will be good to have a campaign based on the issues instead of one based on the things Marvin Scott took the campaign to in 2010.  In the end, Carson is expected to retain his seat in the reconfigured 7th, no matter the opponent.


Paul K. Ogden said...

I don't know if you'd call it an issue, but I think it's fair game what Carson said about tea party people wanting to see blacks hanging from trees. While it was obviously hyperbole, Carson refused to back off from the obvious false statement.

Jon E. Easter said...

I agree. I think also many of Carson's supporters supported the Congressman's views on that. I, however, expressed my disappointment here on this blog.

I will say this. The tendency to say something controversial and then back away from it is strong for a politician. Congressman Carson did not do that.

Anonymous said...

Carson has provided such strong services to his district and been so visible that I fail to see how any GOP candidate can give him a strong challenge. Carson will have to work the new territory on the south side but he is already doing that!!

Wilson46201 said...

Both Clarence Thomas and Herman Cain complained about their "high tech lynching" and the reactionaries loudly applauded -- while screaming and hollering bloody murder about Congressman Carson's remark ...