Monday, February 27, 2012

Kiss Sheds Light on Significance of Ending DADT

Sometimes a picture doesn't need a caption.
Photo from Facebook
For years, gay men and women have proudly served in the military, but they've done it quietly for most of that time.

"Don't Ask; Don't Tell" was the mantra of the 1990's military.  You could be gay and serve in the military as long as no one knew.  If anyone found out you were gay, you were discharged.  Plain and simple.  Gay soldiers and their partners continued to hide their relationships for fear of the loss of a career in the military and all the benefits that went with it.

Today, that has been removed.  President Barack Obama and Congress acted.  Bipartisanship won over, and the antiquated policy that kept gay people out of the military or serving in silence was gone.  That paved the way for pictures like the one you see here.

It's from a Facebook page dedicated to gay Marines.  Brandon Morgan, a United States Marine, came home, and his partner, Dalan, was there to greet him.  It is a simple photo, but it's power is great.  Two masculine men embracing and kissing in love.  In the background, there is a child and a baby stroller as another Marine is reunited with his family all under the American flag.  It's beautiful, and, just five months ago, it was impossible.

We have really come a long way these last three plus years, and I don't want to see the progress stop.

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