Thursday, February 23, 2012

GOP Overreach May Cause Snapback

The Indiana House and Indiana Senate are so completely Republican now that just about anything seems to be possible if the Republicans want it so.

Earlier this week, a letter came to light from Representative Bob Morris of Fort Wayne that attacked the Girl Scouts of America by painting them as a liberal organization and an arm of Planned Parenthood.  A bill allowing  so-called Creation Science to be taught in Indiana passed through the Senate.  A bill that would set performance standards for the National Anthem performances at public institutions and fines for not living up to those standards was proposed.  A bill doing away with all cosmetology licensing was considered.  Indiana became the 23rd Right to Work state, and all of that doesn't even count the 2011 session.

With Morris' letter to his fellow Republicans in the public eye now, you can certainly make no mistake about the culture war reaching the cornfields and backroads of the Hoosier State.  It's here, and the Republicans have brought it here.  The Democrats are powerless to stop it.  We live in an Indiana that has become a playground for national wedge issues, and I fear that we only have scratched the surface.

Make no mistake.  There are Democrats and other people out here...even Republicans...who believe that the Indiana GOP has gone way too far.  Eventually, the snap back will begin.  Republicans will continue to overreach and the Democrats will be ready to retake the Indiana House and Senate.

Democrats and supporters of a more moderate agenda must draw the line and say that it goes no further.  The tide turns in 2012.


Anonymous said...

The only problem is that the GOP drew the legislative lines and they are pretty noncompetitive. The reach snapback may come in the Governor's race. That will give a Gov. Gregg the opportunity to veto some of the radical right wing hate being passed by the legislature.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. "A letter by Rep. Bob Morris came to light..", "doing away with cosmetology licensing was considered", "standards for singing the national anthem were proposed". These are all issues that went nowhere. Yet you're lumping them in with some legislation that did pass, that you didn't like, and your conclusion is that Republicans in the legislature can and will approve any wacky idea out there? Those voicing or proposing their "unusual" ideas have every right to do so whether they articulate them on the street, in the halls of the legislature or on a blog.