Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fuentes Has Interesting First Day on Job

Marion County Treasurer
Claudia Fuentes
New Marion County Treasurer Claudia Fuentes found out the hard way what can happen on the first day of work as the boss at a new job.

Apparently, the Treasurer's Office had been placed on "lockdown" until the new Treasurer arrived.  Running a few minutes late, Fuentes arrived to find that her entire staff had been locked out of the office and was waiting for her to arrive.

"They thought I had locked them out, but that could not be further from the truth," Fuentes told the Decatur Township Democratic Club on Monday night. She said it was not the first impression that she had wanted to make.

After getting things settled, Fuentes said her first day was busy but went smoothly handling media interviews and other responsibilities on her first day as the new Marion County Treasurer.

Fuentes will be on the May primary ballot as the incumbent Treasurer and the slated Democratic candidate.

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