Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Hodge Podge: Obama Campaign Opens Office; Dems Slate; Delph Says No

Obama Opens Indy Office
The Obama/Biden camp opened a field office in Indianapolis on Thursday.  President Obama certainly is going to play in every state that he can to force Republicans to spend money and resources in that state as well.  It's going to be nearly impossible for any candidate not named Romney to match Obama's campaign take.

Some people have floated astronomical numbers for fundraising totals for President Obama's 2012 reelection campaign.  I think it's possible you'll see him raise a billion, but that seems amazingly unbelievable.  I guess we shall see.  After all, the job doesn't pay a billion, and he will have plenty to spend on his campaign along with the other advantages of incumbency.

His chances of winning Indiana again are slim, but I didn't think he'd win Indiana back in 2008, either.

Dems to Slate
The Marion County Democratic Party will have its slating convention on day after the deadline to file for candidacy (noon today).  I've heard rumors that this is due to the availability of the Indiana Convention Center after the Super Bowl, but I don't know the reason for certain.  It's strange timing.

Highlights of the slating are expected to be who gets the job of Marion County Treasurer.  Mike Rodman resigned just a couple of weeks ago.  Claudia Fuentes and Mark Price are said to be vying for the job.  Tom Creassor is still filed for the office, but he's not running for slating or the open job.

Four Democrats are running for the open seat in District 100 as John Day is set to retire.  Dan Forestal, Sally Johnson, Jon Katz, and Zach Mullholland are vying for the party slating nod.

On another note, I was surprised to see that Greg Bowes filed to run for Marion County Superior Court Judge.  Bowes failed in his bid to beat Terry Curry for the Democratic nomination for Prosecutor challenging the slate back then.  John Chavis is the only non-incumbent that is going for a slating spot.

Delph Votes No
Sen. Mike Delph
Mike Delph says he will not seek the 5th District Congressional seat.  Given his close relationship with the watermelon shooter Congressman Dan Burton, many thought Delph may throw his hat in the ring after Burton announced his retirement.  Delph said in a press release that he wishes to stay close to his family and remain in the Indiana Senate.

You kind of have to respect Delph's decision.  I know that he's probably a bit ambitious, but there's a time and a place for everything.  His daughters are young, and you have to respect a guy that chooses family over ambition.

David McIntosh, Jack Lugar, Susan Brooks, and Dr. John McGoff are all vying to replace Burton as the 5th District Congressperson.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Not sure why you're suprised about Bowes. He's a former countywide officerholder so he has name ID and he's first on the ballot in terms of alphabetical order. Further the last time a non-slated judicial candidate ran in the 2008 Democratic Primary, she (Kimberly Brown) finished second, 18,000 votes ahead of the last place finishers, slated candidate Garland Graves. I'm not surprised Bowes is running. Heck, I'd be surprised if he wasn't running. It would seem to be a no brainer. It will be very, very difficult for Treacy to beat Bowes in a multi-field race like that.

Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly the city had to clear everything for this week as well for the Super Bowl in case the Lockout ran long enough to push the Super Bowl back to February 12. Imagine anyone could get a good deal for convention center space.

Anonymous said...

1. Greg Bowes is not one of the Brown sisters. Enough said. He will lose big time.

2. The filing deadline was Friday but the deadline to withdraw is next Tuesday. This gives slating losers the opportunity to withdraw and makes the timing of the slating convention make more sense

Anonymous said...

Greg Bowes? REALLY?? LOL.

Paul, you have no idea what you are talking about. Besides an uncanny ability to not raise any money, Greg Bowes is disliked by about 99% of the party - the other 1% don't know who he is.

Ed Treacy will ensure that the slated judicial candidates - including his wife - are elected in the primary. It appears there are no contested races up or down ballot this year, so expect a very, very low turnout on primary day for the Democrats. Low turnout means only the party faithful will come out to vote. And they will vote for the slated candidates, as well they should.

Kim Brown got elected because she cut her hair to look just like her sister, Judge Linda Brown. A campaign of deception, if you like.