Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fox Sports Columnist Creates Controversy Via Twitter

Fox Sports Columnist
Jason Whitlock
Jeremy Lin continues to set the NBA on fire.  The young New York Knicks point guard has become an overnight sensation by setting NBA records for scoring in his first few games and taking his unlikely underdog story to Tim Tebow-like heights.  It's really a story the sports world has not seen in ages.  It's something that can make us all smile.

Some of us just seem to have taken it to another level.  Jason Whitlock, a sports columnist for Fox Sports (and a Warren Central graduate), tweeted a racial stereotype about Lin following the sensation's excellent performance against Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday.  If you want to know what he tweeted, look here, I'm not going to publish it.  After the uproar over his tweet began to get loud, Whitlock released what seemed to be a somewhat strange sorry via Fox Sports.

Jeremy Lin
NBA Point Guard
Listen, I'm not going to beat him up any more than he has been, but it's somewhat ironic that Whitlock, who has made his reputation somewhat on social commentary when it comes to race and sports, would get in trouble over tweeting a racial stereotype.  His actual Twitter background says, "I speak truth to POWER.  BLACK people think I'm a sellout.  WHITE people think I'm a racist.  I think I'm too honest.  My perspective is for people unafraid to think and willing to challenge their own biases."

He is a great writer, and he clearly believes that discussing race in an open and honest manner is his function as a column writer in the sports world.  Whitlock penned this extremely provocative column today that further dives into depth on this "Lin-sanity" that we've seen develop over this last week and a half or so and why it's such a great story for Asian-Americans.

However you feel about Whitlock or what Fox should or should not have done to him, he becomes one of the latest people that would probably write, in all caps, WATCH WHAT YOU TWEET.

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