Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Davis Tweets on Education

Steve Davis tweeted the following today:

"Public school;s have absolute separation of church and faith.  How's that working out?  We should bring God and the ten commandments back"

What does this say about Steve Davis and his ideas?

First of all, the (former) Chief (of Southport Police Department) has no idea what goes on in schools today.  He also has no idea what the role of faith is in our schools and that it's very much alive today within our hallways and classrooms.  Schools daily hold a state-law-mandated "Moment of Silence" that was a not-so-subtle attempt by Indiana Republicans to replace the school's daily prayer.  Schools across Indiana also have clubs like Fellowship of Christian Athletes and other student-led organizations that provide students of faith with outlets within our school walls.

Secondly, how would we bring God back?  Where did he go?  Did he go down the street for a cup of sugar?

Thirdly, how will bringing back the "ten commandments" (not capitalized) teach anyone anything meaningful when it comes to what our students need to learn by the standards set forth by Indiana's curriculum?

They won't.  It's political posturing on Rick Perry's level, and that's not good.

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Anonymous said...

Where do the Republicans find candidates like this?