Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Carl Brizzi's Tactics May Have Cost White His Freedom

Carl Brizzi
Now that the Super Bowl mania is out of town, it's time to go back and catch up on the news that happened while you were zipping down the zip line.

As I'm sure many of you are aware, former Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White is awaiting sentencing on the six felony counts that he was found guilty of in his voter fraud trial.  White could have those counts reduced from Class D felonies to misdemeanors which could clear the way for him to retake his job or run for another elective office.

What was really odd about the case wasn't necessarily that White lost, but it was how he lost.  His lawyer Carl Brizzi mounted little defense and called no witnesses to support his case.  It is a decision Brizzi has defended by saying that on the most serious charge, a Class C felony for fraud, White was found to be not guilty by the jury.  Now, the jury is talking, and, from what they are saying, it looks like Brizzi may have botched this one.

Charlie White
WRTV-6 reporter Derrik Thomas spoke with Greg Weidman, the foreman of the jury that convicted White, and he said the jury was shocked when the defense called no witnesses.  Weidman said the jury would have liked to have heard from White's ex-wife or even his current one.  He said the jury might have acquitted White had someone been called to his defense.  The entire story can be found here.

It's a really odd and strange tactic from someone that was Marion County's lawyer for eight years.  He mounted no defense, and White may go to the slammer for it.  I know one thing: if I ever get in trouble, Carl Brizzi won't be my lawyer.

Listen, I'm no lawyer, but I hope Charlie White didn't pay for Brizzi's services.  People wondered why White chose Brizzi to defend him in the first place, and he's now apparently going to pay in some way for what now seems to be an extremely poor choice.



The decision by Brizzi to not call witnesses on behalf of White has caused everyone to scratch their heads. I hate that Charlie White got witch-hunted and his lawyer is sub par.

Something is quite fishy about all of it. None of it really adds up, you know?

Anonymous said...

What you have to do to avoid perjury charges....perhaps??