Monday, February 13, 2012

Ballard Puffs Away Third Term Chance With Veto Pen?

Captain Veto
Mayor Greg Ballard
Last week, Mayor Greg Ballard vetoed the comprehensive smoking ban passed by a bi-partisan and nearly veto-proof margin of 19-9 a few weeks ago by the City-County Council.  Ballard used the excuse of private clubs being forced under the ordinance to exclude children if they allowed smoking in their establishments.

Because Mr. Mayor was not willing to compromise, the smoking ban is back to square one, and Indianapolis continues to be left behind other major cities in this country that have taken public health seriously.

This means that Mayor Ballard certainly has no interest in running for reelection and a third term in 2015.  No one wants to be on the wrong side of health for our children, and Ballard certainly came down on that side with this veto.  This will be used against him if he runs again.

You see, this is a no-brainer issue.  Even as others on the other side of the aisle assail against it by citing the number of complaints lodged downtown and such, this makes too much sense to not do someday, and I think it's only a matter of time before it happens.  Ballard is just prolonging the inevitable.  Like gay marriage or other issues that divide us, soon we will see smoking banned in just about every public place.  It's going to happen, and it should happen.

I respect the wishes of local business owners who wish to set their own smoking policies, but I just think that science and public health outweigh their concerns.  I know that I won't be popular in those circles for saying that, but I just believe that for our city to move forward and join other cities in the nation that we have to take steps like this seriously.

Hopefully, the Democrats and the Republicans can find a 20th vote and send a message to the Mayor about public health here in Indianapolis.


Anonymous said...

SexFreeINdy fully supports the efforts of SmokeFreeIndy. Thank you for this blog, we hope that you will cover our issue as we roll out our platform in the next few weeks.

It is a very serious issue.We cannot continue to allow people to put their lives in danger and put other peoples lives in danger because of sex.

Anonymous said...

"I respect the wishes of local business owners who wish to set their own smoking policies, but I just think that science and public health outweigh their concerns."

Anyone who owns a business in today's US of A is nuts. Too much government control, which can change almost on a yearly basis. Let some other sucker put up their hard earned cash and be their own boss...too risky anymore.

As far as smoking, I wish we cared about the health concerns of innocent people who drive on our roadways. You know, those who get a face full of glass when a drunk driver goes left of center and causes a head-on crash. Or what about the small child whose head gets smashed and is now dead due a drunk driver running a red light?

So eventually we will save bartenders from dying from lung cancer forty years from now, but we will still allow them to continue to serve big tippers who should have been cut-off five drinks ago. Since bars and clubs don't allow patrons to sleep at their establishments, these folks will have to drive home.

When do we ban the public consumption of alcohol? It's for the children!!

Anonymous said...

Anon....your arguments are so full of holes. Logic is absent. We do not allow bartenders to overserve. it is illegal. Does it happen? Yes. When a person is caught doing it then it is properly punished unless you live in Hamilton County. If you see a customer being overserved then you need to report it. Children can not purchase alcohol. Children cannot enter a bar. You smokers needs to blow your smelly smoke on yourself and put your own health at risk. The rest of us do not want to smell you or to have our health put at risk because of your nasty habits.