Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Someone Somewhere Has Great Sense of Humor; GOP Debate Thoughts

It appears that someone at NBC or someone that submits the program descriptions to Xfinity/Comcast made an error for the 9-10:00 p.m. time slot last night...or did they?
Yep.  That pretty much covers it.
On the topic of the debate, I thought it was the strongest debate.  We saw some clear delineations between the candidates.  If I were scoring it, I would put Ron Paul as the winner.  

Paul continually separates himself from the field as the one true outsider voice on the stage.  It doesn't mean that I agree with him on some of his more interesting public policy positions, but I found his answers as to how to handle delicate situations with Cuba and Iran both refreshing and spot on.  Ron Paul may be 76 years old, but his thinking on issues like that is most definitely 21st Century and not a relic of the Cold War.

Rick Santorum may open his mouth and say crazy things, but he looked the part of a President tonight.  His closing comments were a pointed appeal to the hard core conservatives.  It might be enough to keep his campaign alive for now.

As far as Romney, I thought he connected a few big punches on Gingrich.  He was much more engaged and seemed more agile on his feet.  He still comes across as cold and really does not connect well.  His coining of the phrase "self deport" might be a pop culture moment.

Then, there's Newt.  Many people noticed how Gingrich seemed less the debate master (I won't use the same term that my friend Matt Stone did) than in the past without a cheering and encouraging crowd.  I thought he looked bored most of the night and seemed to be thinking that he's running for President in about 1980.

Well, that's it for now.  The State of the Union is tonight.  It's Barack Obama's turn.

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