Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rodman Resigns

Mike Rodman
Mike Rodman has resigned as Marion County Treasurer, effective today.  

According to WISH-TV, Rodman resigned to "spend more time with his family."   The timing of this resignation, roughly 11 months before the end of his term, is very curious.  I won't speculate beyond what Rodman told WISH-TV.  

The soon-to-be former Treasurer was barred by the Indiana Constitution from seeking reelection.  One of his Chief Deputy Assessors, Tom Creasser, is the only Democrat filed so far to run for the office in 2012.  He is expected to have Primary competition.

Rodman has shepherded the Treasurer's Office through a very challenging seven years.  With the problems with  property tax assessment, the freeze by Mitch Daniels of all assessments and the time it took to reassess the land in the County all delayed the collection of the taxes and the opportunity to invest the city's money while getting it to the correct entities in the county.  His expertise as a banker really helped him be a very successful Treasurer and elected official in his time in office.  

Rodman also briefly ran for Congress in 2008 as one of the Democrats that pursued the slating nod in January of that year.  He lost to Andre Carson.  As Treasurer, Rodman was a member of the Marion County Commissioners with Auditor Billie Breaux and Assessor Joe O'Connor.  

I wish Rodman well, and I hope to catch up with him soon.

I believe a caucus of Democratic Precinct Committeepersons must select a new Treasurer.  


Had Enough Indy? said...

I hope the news is premature. But, in case it is not... Mike Rodman has been an exemplary Treasurer and elected official. I have only the highest regard for him as a person and for the job he has done for Marion County. I wish him only the best.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Mike Rodman.

You are being too kind to Mike, considering his management of the property tax assessment mess that cost taxpayers tens of millions in interest expenses to his former employer.

He failed to collect and disperse tax revenue to local government units, pointed figures at others when the media discovered the problem, and basically did nothing to fix it, all the while the taxpayer costs escalated.

His stewardship role of major IT projects was also very costly, as well as his other leadership duties.

Weak as a noodle.