Monday, January 23, 2012

Right To Work Passes Indiana Senate, 28-22

With nine Republicans joining the 13 Democrats in opposition, Right to Work passed the Indiana Senate, 28-22.  The fight now moves to the Indiana House where 11 of the 100 Republicans will be needed to join the Dems to defeat the bill.

Indiana Statehouse
This may sound like a daunting task, but I think that nine Republican Senators joining the Democrats is fairly remarkable.  The nine Senators who crossed the invisible line include:

Senator Vaneta Becker
Senator Richard Bray
Senator Ed Charbonneau
Senator Johnny Nugent
Senator Sue Landske
Senator Brent Steele
Senator Jim Tomes
Senator Brent Waltz
Senator John Waterman

The entire Senate Democratic caucus led by Vi Simpson voted against the bill.

Thank you.

Interestingly, money has been spent against Mary Ann Sullivan, who is running for Brent Waltz's Senate seat, for her opposition on Right to Work.  The horrible and misleading ads are paid for by a mysterious group that is backing RTW.  Well, kind of looks like the money is down the drain now.  The guy whose seat they are trying to preserve is an RTW opponent.  Personally, I think Waltz feels the heat.

The fight now goes to the House.  If 11 Republicans cross the line like their Senate colleagues did, that means this battle is over.  After that, it's back to the Senate where the fight continues for four more votes.

There's life in the opposition.  Message sent!

Fox 59 (who erroneously reports the nature of the bill itself...yet again) says the Democrats have walked out of the House in protest.


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