Friday, January 27, 2012

Republicans Really Jamming RTW Through Now

The Indiana House is done with Right to Work.  That means that the fight returns to the Indiana Senate in a rush to get this thing done before the Super Bowl.

Republicans are done listening to any dissent.  They want this bill on the Governor's desk by Feb. 1, according to multiple news reports.  The reason?  To make things nice and tidy when visitors get here for the Super Bowl on Thursday.  Even the Republicans are admitting it!

Only four more Republican Senators are needed to flip the script here.  Hopefully, those individuals can be found and can be persuaded to change their votes from the 28-22 vote the first time through the Indiana Senate.

As time goes on, the Republicans are becoming more and more power drunk and are becoming less and less accountable to the constituents that put them in office.  The wedge issues continue.  From creationism to gay marriage, you can bet that Republicans will try to tackle it.

Elections most definitely do have consequences.  Unfortunately, Indiana is getting a rather one-sided look at what Republicans do when they hold all the cards.


Anonymous said...

Well the democrats forced thru the Obama Healthcare Bill.
I quote Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, "We have to pass the bill before you can find out what's in."


Do you think it is possible that the people of Indiana want RTW?

I'm an independent and think it is best. Afterall, RTW doesn't say that people can't be in a union, but rather it means they are no longer forced into unions.

IF the unions are giving workers a great value, workers will happily pay for the union leadership...just like we voluntarily buy subscriptions to things like AARP and AAA that give us benefit.