Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perry OUT...Endorses Gingrich

Governor Rick Perry, R-TX
Rick Perry dropped out of the Presidential race today, and he endorsed Newt Gingrich.

Yesterday, failed politician Sarah Palin endorsed Gingrich. It also appears that Gingrich, the Rasputin of the 2012 Presidential Campaign, is riding a new wave of popularity and may have a second wind as the anti-Romney.

All I have to say is, REALLY?

I mean, as we enter crunch time of the 2012 primary campaign season, this is really the best the Republicans can do? They chase off the guy with the credentials (Jon Huntsman), jettison three crazy people (Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry) and we’re left with a flip-flopper (Mitt Romney), a celebrity (Ron Paul), a crazy person (Rick Santorum), and a retread has been with questionable character and a penchant for saying stupid things (Newt).

If a third party candidate can’t capture the hearts and minds of conservatives and Republicans this year, then I don’t know when it’s going to happen, and if Barack Obama doesn’t dust this field, then I will weep for my country.

Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, and Mike Pence should be kicking themselves very hard for passing on this campaign season. Not only would they have been the best candidates in the Republican field, but they would have maybe had a chance in November. Personally, I think they stayed out because they know their best chance is in 2016…at least for Pence and Christie.

Perry’s miniscule support won’t swing anything. His leaving the race only takes away one source of comic relief and a former frontrunner for the nomination that burned out almost as quickly as he was lit.

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