Sunday, January 1, 2012

Obama Getting Heat on Vacation Cost

A well-meaning conservative friend of mine complained about the cost of President Barack Obama's Hawaiian Christmas vacation on my Facebook page today.  This got me to thinking.  Thankfully, due to the internet, it was easy to find the statistic I wanted.
President Obama on vacation in Hawaii

President Obama's vacation to his home state (yes, his home STATE) is costing the U.S. taxpayers in the neighborhood of $4 million.  That's a lot of money, but that's because the President of the United States never travels light no matter who is in the office.  

What has been granted to other Presidents that doesn't seem to be getting granted to Obama is that they all have a "vacation home" where they spend time for holidays.  Ronald Reagan spent holidays on a ranch in California.  George H.W. Bush would often go off to Kennebunkport, Maine.  The Clintons loved time in Martha's Vineyard.  Of course, George W. Bush spent 487 days on the Prairie Chapel Ranch in Crawford, Texas.

While George W. Bush did draw criticism for the amount of time he was out of the office and in Crawford, I don't recall anyone considering the cost of that trip.  That's why I don't get why Obama doesn't get the same courtesy to holiday anywhere he wants to.

Listen, we elect Presidents to lead, and I give them broad latitude in finding ways to relax.  So, let's extend that same courtesy that every President in the last 30 or so years has gotten to Barack Obama.  

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