Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NOT Political: Living Life Full Speed

Patty Rigsby at Super Bowl XLIV
One of the joys I have in politics is getting to meet a lot of special people.  People who astound me with their energy and enthusiasm...not only for their enthusiasm for the Democratic Party but their enthusiasm for life.  Look around any room; you'll see them there.

My friend, Patty Hammer Rigsby, always jumps into my brain when I think about living life full speed.  Patty just doesn't slow down at an age where many people would.  She's the Queen of Overinvolvementville.  I won't even endeavor to list all of her activities here but from the Decatur Township Civic Council to the Ben Davis Alumni to the Red Hats to the Decatur Township Democratic Club, Pat is always going.

On Monday, while we were waiting for the doors to be unlocked at the Decatur Middle School for the Decatur Township Civic Council Meeting, Patty told me she was "having a ball downtown."

I, of course, had to ask, "Oh, you're volunteering?"

She said, "Yeah.  I'm on Madonna's stage crew."

My friend, Patty Rigsby, who is just north of 70, is going to be an integral part of Madonna's halftime show at the Super Bowl.  She proudly told me that she ran the "50 Yard Dash" three times at practice the other night because they have exactly six minutes to put the stage up and in place.

Patty couldn't tell me anything about the show, and I didn't ask.  Still, I just am amazed at how people like Patty just live their lives at full speed every day.

I know that Patty is not alone, but she inspires me.  I'm half her age, and I know I don't have the physical ability to do what she's doing in the halftime show.  That says a lot about me, but I think it also says a lot about Patty.

Well, I just had to share that with you all today.  Live life full speed!  Be like Patty.

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