Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Letter to Senator Jim Tomes

A House for Learning...Not Worship

I sent Senator Jim Tomes an e-mail, and I wanted to share it with you.  I would encourage anyone else to send Senater Tomes a respectful e-mail as well about Senate Bill 251 that would allow a public or charter school board to require the reading of the Lord's Prayer at the start of a school day.  His e-mail is  

I now share my note to the Senator with you.

Senator Tomes,
In 2011, you wrote, "At some point, in a country and state where the people rule, we the people must decide what kind of role we want our government to take. Do we need a government nanny?" 
Apparently, that does not extend to classrooms where teachers who are not Christian could be forced to read the Lord's Prayer to their students. 
This is absolutely unacceptable.  Please withdraw this bill.  We have a First Amendment that students and teachers are free to exercise.  Part of that is that the government shall not establish a religion, and this bill would do that.  
I consider myself a Christian, but I also consider myself an American.  Your bill is a slap in the face to our Constitution and our Bill of Rights as well as to the thousands of Hoosiers that do not worship as you do. 
Withdraw your bill today.  
Jon E. Easter

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