Friday, January 13, 2012

McQuillen Greatly Over-exaggerates Council Disagreement

City-County Councillor Mike McQuillen, R-14
GOP Council Minority Leader, Mike McQuillen, was visibly angry over the Democratic decision to reduce seats for the GOP on key Council Committees at Monday's Council Meeting.

Abdul-Hakim Shabazz reports on his Indy Politics website that McQuillen says the Democrats' move essentially means there will be no support on key Council proposals to overturn a Mayor's veto.  So, if, for example, the Dems try to pass a smoking ban and the Mayor vetoes it that maybe the Republicans won't help to override the veto.

What I found really funny was McQuillen's rhetoric, and I'm not the first person to point it out.  We can debate whether the Dems may be going too far in reducing GOP representation on the committees, but McQuillen is saying that Democrats should "work with" the Republicans to ensure their proposals pass the Mayor's desk.  That doesn't pass the smell test to me for a number of reasons.

First of all, it's highly unlikely that Republicans will buck their own Mayor to join the D's unless there is good reason.  After all, in the four years they were in control, I can't hardly think of anything the Mayor and the Council majority disagreed on.  It was pretty lockstep.  Secondly, when things like redistricting, the parking deal, the water deal, the first bite at the smoking ban, many appointments, and a variety of other things came up when the Republicans were in charge, they didn't listen to the Democrats at all.  Instead, they did EXACTLY what they wanted to do, and that was the Ballard Administration's bidding.

I'm not saying that it's a good or a bad idea for the Dems to do what they did, but certainly a smart man like McQuillen has to see the reason for the moves.  I understand that he has a job to do, but it might have been better to let this one pass rather than be so visibly angry over it that it looked like he wanted to slam the 44-oz. Steak & Shake cup right in front of him on the desk to the floor on Monday night.  Classy.

It just seems a little too early in the game to be griping and complaining over this when we just had a big fight over something similar as the GOP went out the door.  Short memories on that side of the aisle, I guess.


guy77money said...

Singing "Kids what's the matter with kids today! Why weren't they just like we (Republicans) perfect in every way, Whats the matter with kids today!" It should be a fun 2012 politically! ;)

Paul K. Ogden said...

McQuillen has a point and it would be better received were it not for the outrageous lame duck redistricting and the $225,000 contract Ryan Vaughn entered into to do it without telling his own caucus.

We in law call this "unclean hands." When you've done wrong, you aren't in a position to say the other person did wrong.