Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Home Should Be Off Limits

Unless you want Brian Bosma and Right to Work supporters to come to your house and protest outside your home, you should stay away from his home.

Right to Work opponents decided to protest inside Speaker Bosma's neighborhood and outside his home.  I'm not talking one or 30 or 40 people.  This is not the way to A) win friends or B) get him to respect your point of view; it's just a way to annoy people.

Maybe that's ok with you, but it's not ok with me.  Protest loudly at the Statehouse...even in front of the Governor's Mansion.  That's a state building (although you probably won't find Mitch Daniels there).  Don't go into a private neighborhood and occupy it.  That's not cool.


marksmall2001 said...

I vehemently agree with free speech. I also vehemently agree with your point.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you're right Jon, but it's a difficult question; how to balance individual privacy with rights of political expression. This seems to be an unpleasant part of public service, but cannot be unexpected when the public servant takes a strident position from the left or the right.

For many years Right-to-Life activists demonstrated outside the home of the Executive Director of Indiana Planned Parenthood, a private citizen who lived in my neighborhood. Another difficult balance of rights.

What do zealots of any political persuasion think when they see their opponents protesting right outside their front door?

Anonymous said...

Jon, I agree. Now..if the Teamsters decided to they and interrupt Super Bowl Sunday, they will be making the worst PR blunder in history.

Homs and Kids should be off limits for this kind of stuff.God bless them for the State house stuff,but don't come to my home

Eric said...

I thought it made for an excellent contrast: Bosma not giving a damn about wages and working conditions of average Hoosiers while living the high life out at Geist. Talk about someone being totally out of touch with the lives of ordinary consituents, there you have it. Politics is all about theatre, and that made for some exceptional theatre. The guys were exercising their First Amendment rights on a public street, they were orderly, and no harm was done (except to embarrass the Speaker for being tone deaf), so why not?


A cross section of 12 citizens protested at Peterson's home in the summer of 2007. We represented three different politica, republican, libertarian.

Previously, Peterson went on the air with commerciails proclaiming to the taxpayer that he could relate to us and "felt our pain" over taxes many of us could not pay.

There were about 12 actvists, 4 TV news crews, and 1 newspaper in front of his house at 8am on a Sunday morning.

Peterson could have made PR lemondade by inviting us in to talk (since he felt our pain). Instead, we were ignored and the press spun the coverage our way.

I think it worked for us because we were grassroots activists.

In contrast Unions aren't exactly grassroots and union bosses are probably more rich than Bosma.