Monday, January 30, 2012

GOP Slates Candidates

The Marion County GOP got together at Ben Davis High School on Saturday and had a good, ole' fashioned slating convention.  The following candidates were slated.

State Senate:
Sen. Scott Schneider, District 30
Sen. Pat Miller, District 32
Sen. Mike Young, District 35
Sen. Brent Waltz, District 36

State House:
Luke Bosso, District 86
Rep. Cindy Noe, District 87
Rep. Brian Bosma, District 88
Rep. Cynthia Kirchhofer, District 89
Rep. Mike Speedy, District 90
Rep. Bob Behning, District 91
Tim Motsinger, District 92
Rep. Dave Frizzell, District 93
A.J. Feeney-Ruiz, District 97
Scott Keller, District 100

Marion Superior Court Judge
Judge Robert Altice
Judge Lisa Borges
Judge Sheila Carlisle
Judge Mike Keele
Judge Bill Nelson
Judge Clark Rogers
Jim Joven
Clayton Graham
Amy Jones
Helen Marchal

Dr. Ed Eppler

Jason Woodruff

Jason Kondy

Of course, as with any slating convention, there were a few interesting choices.

A source of mine tells me that behind-the-scenes there was some maneuvering.  Incumbent Judges Bill Young and S.K. Reid knew they would not be slated.  There were other strong candidates that were told that they would not be slated as well and not to bother with a run.

Two of the House slating choices got my attention.  Scott Keller, a very moderate Republican, was slated in District 100.  As you may remember, he received a ton of blowback from his party for his vote on the Human Rights Ordinance when he was on the City-County Council.  He provided the 15th vote back then for that to pass as Democrat Sherron Franklin had joined the Republicans.  In that district and in an open seat situation (John Day is retiring), Keller could be a formidable foe.  Dems shouldn't be so concerned about him, though.  He's extremely reasonable and intelligent.

Tim Motsinger, a friend of the blog, and one of the few political figures that immediately did the right thing when the whole Tim Durham thing blew up, was slated for Phil Hinkle's soon-to-be old House seat.  The IMPD officer and former Sheriff's deputy returned Durham's $200K plus contribution immediately and dropped out of the race for Marion County Sheriff.

Perennial candidates Jim Joven and A.J. Feeney-Ruiz were also slated.

Democrats will get together on February 11 at the Indiana Convention Center.


Paul K. Ogden said...

"Perennial candidates" is a little harsh. Joven has been an elected office holder and Feeney has taken on the difficult task for running in in districts that haven't been winnable. Calling them "perennial candidates" suggests they run all the time and being rejected by the voters.

I would also dispute that this was an old fashioned slating. There were 17 races, 16 were unopposed. Slating contests I have been at are filled with candidates and contests.

S.K. Reid has had serious health problems. She announced probably a year ago she wasn't running. I don't agree that it was because she wouldn't be slated. As far as Young goes, his deciding against running came more lately, but I'm not so sure he wouldn't be slated if he ad tried. Bill is a very personable guy and has been popular in the party, although his approach to his role as a judge hasn't always made him popular with attorneys.

Actually, from what I heard, Judge Carol Orbison was told she wouldn't be slated, but tried anyway and lost. (The race for judge was the only race where there was a competitive race.) The county GOP's website goes out of its way to point out that Carol Orbison wasn't slated.

Anonymous said...

I hope the one House candidate has removed the near nude photos of himself from Facebook. I know they were captured and saved!