Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary

Newt Gingrich Greets
Supporters in S.C.
Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina Primary.  He is the Rasputin of 2012's Presidential campaign.

Rasputin Gingrich trailed by double digits in the polls, but he surged back after a very tough week for Mitt Romney on the campaign trail and a couple of strong debate performances.  Rick Santorum finished third, and Ron Paul brought up the rear.

Now, it's on to Florida.  Romney has to get his legs back under him.  I predict between now and the Florida Primary, Gingrich will do something to hurt himself.  One way or another, Gingrich has to put an organization underneath him.

He will appear on Meet the Press tomorrow morning.


marksmall2001 said...

I find your comments metaphorically misleading.
1) I do not understand the parallel between Rasputin and Gingrich. Rasputin never took a bath, wore the garb of a common monk, and had sexual relations of the wives of the most powerful men in Russia (some say, most notably, the Czar's wife, Alexandra). I never have read any criticisms of Newt Gingrich's hygiene. From all shopping reports made public and how he looks, Gingrich's sartorial choices are not common, much less those of a monk. Finally, Gingrich's dalliances have not been with the wives of Washington's power elite (although perhaps that explains his being ousted as speaker; run-of-the-mill ethics violations, really?). His have been with campaign aids, staffers, and others "beneath" him (depending upon the position he took, and there could have been a couple of flip-flops).
2) Rick Santorum was not bringing up the rear. He has been defined as something of an interface between the rear and the rest of the body politic. Bringing up the rear implies a greater distance having been closed. The interface is the dynamic of his non-self-definition.
I bring these points to your attention simply as to metaphors. Otherwise, your analysis is solid.

Jon E. Easter said...

Rasputin was hard to kill. Politically, Newt Gingrich has been hard to knock off. His campaign was left for dead in the summer only to have him resurrect himself before the Primary season began.

Then, he was politically dead again after Iowa and New Hampshire and written off before coming back to life to win South Carolina.

That was the genesis of my comparison.