Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Hodge Podge: No Opa to Sopa; Presidential Circus Moves South; Indiana Congressional Races on Radar

Given the massive Wednesday internet protests by major websites (including friend of the blog Bil Browning’s Bilerico Project website), House Republican leaders appear to be moving away from the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA.

I must say, this is a rare moment in history that I completely agree with John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and other Republicans in the House.  Seventh District Congressman Andre Carson is also an opponent of the measure.

The Protect IP Privacy Act or PIPA, the Senate version of the bill is moving forward, according to Democratic leader Harry Reid. President Barack Obama finds himself in opposition to both of the bills, and it’s doubtful that Congress could find the muster to overturn a veto. Thus, it appears that PIPA might be dead in the water, too…even as it moves forward.

I would not let up. Sometimes these types of bills can find their way to law riding on other bills. It’s important to remain alert and vigilant.

Presidential Circus Ring Moves to South Carolina Saturday; Obama Up on TV
Saturday’s South Carolina Presidential Primary will be an interesting one. Mitt Romney leads in the polls, but he’s seen his lead there eaten away slowly.

Also, the Iowa Caucus results have been changed. Rick Santorum is now leading the vote totals there by 30 something votes now in the certified results. Experts say the antiquated way votes are recorded by precinct captains in the Republican caucus may result in us never exactly knowing who won the Caucus. For now, it gives Santorum a victory without the actual experience of being able to get much momentum from it.

While the Republicans slug it out, President Obama has decided to take his campaign to the airwaves.

Blessed with incumbency and strong fundraising, Obama will be airing ads in critical states like Michigan, Ohio, Nevada and Virginia. Should the Republicans get in a slugfest with one another, Obama will surely benefit not only from his status as the almost assured nominee but from the way the Republicans are identifying each other with voters.

Look for an announcement soon about an official Indiana presence for the Obama campaign. Looks like he’s going to play in all 50 states and D.C. again!

Two Indiana Democratic Races Make DCCC Lists
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee seems to believe Indiana’s 8th District will return to the “Bloody 8th” this year as it has made it a targeted “Emerging Race” district. In the 8th, Dave Crooks is expected to be taking on Republican incumbent Larry Buschon.

Buschon took the seat back for the Republicans when popular Democrat Brad Ellsworth ran for Senate in 2010. That move, precipitated by Evan Bayh’s decision not to seek reelection, left Trent Van Haaften with only a few months to get a campaign up and running.

In Indiana’s 2nd District, Brendan Mullen will likely face Jackie Walorski in November. The DCCC is targeting that race in its “Red to Blue” program. Of course, that’s funny because the district is currently blue. Current seat holder Joe Donnelly is hoping to move down the hall and become a U.S. Senator in November. The district took on a much more red hue with redistricting moving out Kokomo from the Congressional District.

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