Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do Delay

Democrats Remain in Caucus on First Day of
2012 Short Session
The Democrats stopped the Right to Work Bill for one day in the Indiana General Assembly.  That's one day Brian Bosma had to wait before getting "his precious".

It's one more day of Bosma looking foolish behind the Speaker's Podium at the Statehouse.

It's one more day that Indiana workers and their families have before the Republicans impose their will upon us.

Bosma says that Democrats violated the anti-walkout statute by staying in caucus all day.  The statute provides for three days for Dems to hold up business in the Statehouse before $1,000 per day fines are levied.  I say to the Democrats, do whatever it takes.

I would ask Speaker Bosma this...if the state is so far behind Right to Work legislation, what does he have to fear from statewide hearings that Democrats are asking for?  It's a bill that will seriously damage the right of workers to collectively bargain for fair wages and working conditions.  It's the Right to Work (FOR LESS).

Republican vendettas have no place in government when it comes to the wages and working conditions of working people in Indiana, just ask Indiana teachers.  Teachers went through this fight and lost last year.

This time, Bosma and Governor Mitch Daniels have overplayed their hands.  They've tried to squash dissent with outrageous limits on protests at the Statehouse.  If they really wanted this bill to go through with a chance at support, they would give the minority what it want on hearings instead of the so-called fast track through to the Governor's Desk.

Democrats, keep doing what it takes.  It's important work for Hoosiers.

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Anonymous said...

"It's one more day of Bosma looking foolish behind the Speaker's Podium at the Statehouse."

and Pat doesn't look like a complete idiot?