Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Daniels Once Opposed Right to Work; Facing Criticism from Fellow GOP Members

If Mitt Romney or Ron Paul or whoever survives the GOP Primary picks Governor Mitch Daniels as his running mate, he's going to find a flip-flopper on Right to Work.

It's just now making the mainstream, but Governor Daniels once wrote in a letter to Bill Dugan that he didn't believe Indiana needed Right to Work to succeed.  The bad news is; the letter still exists.  See it below.

Apparently, Mitch Daniels has a lot in common with Governor Mitt Romney; he will apparently say anything to get elected.

It hasn't been a particularly good few days for Mitch on the RTW debate. He's getting push back from his own party.  The Lunch Pail Republicans have launched their own ads against Right to Work, and one of their members, David Fagan, told WTHR that they are ready to run Republicans for office that will not support Right to Work in the legislature.

Before you right him off as some RINO, you should know that Fagan was appointed by Governor Daniels to the Indiana Port Commission in 2007.  He was also appointed by Daniels to the Law Enforcement Training Board (also appointed to that board by Governor Evan Bayh, Governor Joe Kernan, and Governor Frank O'Bannon). Besides being a member of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, Fagan held office in Portage.

Today should be an interesting day as Brian Bosma is promising to fine Democrats for not showing up in the legislature.  We'll see what happens.

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Anonymous said...

Get a grip! Daniels wrote that letter, what, 8 years ago? You don't think that as the years go by, and time in office, which usually affords the opportunity to gain new perspective on issues,might not cause an elected official to shift some views? A lot of Republican State legislators are now pro-smoking ban, when they once were fully opposed. Will you take them to task for changing their stances?