Monday, January 16, 2012

Daniels, GOP Returning Some Tainted Durham Money

Governor Mitch Daniels
I guess not all the money had not been spent, after all.

Doesn't sound like it's all of what Tim Durham donated, but, according to the Indiana Business Journal and the Associated Press, the Governor and the Indiana GOP are going to return about $88,000 in contributions to Fair Finance, the bankrupt company Durham formerly ran and where he's accused of bilking investors out of huge chunks of change.

Daniels reportedly received a lot more than just the $10,000 his Aiming Higher PAC is returning.  The Governor has received a reported $200,000 over the years from the disgraced businessman.  Wonder if we'll see that money go back?

Until this time, Daniels had refused to give any of the money back saying that it had all been spent.

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