Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ballard Apparently Lacks More Than Vision

Mayor of the GOP Only?
Greg Ballard
After his second inauguration on Sunday and a speech more notable for its brevity than vision, Mayor Greg Ballard apparently met with the media.

As I sat in line at the CVS in Plainfield (long story there, but let's just say it was my SECOND trip), a brief story about Ballard's inauguration and that media session aired on WIBC.

The story said, of course, that Ballard was sworn in at the Indiana War Memorial on Sunday.  It also mentioned that the Democratic Council Caucus was sworn in two hours later at another location.  So, how does Ballard plan to work with the Democratic Caucus?  "If they come to us with a reasonable proposal, then I'm sure we'll listen," Ballard told WIBC.


Perhaps the question that prompted the soundbite was something different than how it was used in the story, but, if not, Ballard only plans to listen to the Democrats and their proposals?  REALLY?  Maybe vision isn't the only thing he's lacking.

Without a Council that he and his handlers can push around, how does he expect to get anything done by only listening to the majority caucus and its President Maggie Lewis?

Clearly Mayor Ballard doesn't understand what the Democrats seem to already...that the business of moving forward this city will require more than listening to each other's proposals and then retreating to a corner.  This isn't about party or scoring political points.  It's going to take real work.  Hopefully, at some point over the next few weeks, the Mayor will have an epiphany.

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