Thursday, January 26, 2012

Auctioneer Bids For Creationism in Schools

Dennis Kruse (R-Auburn) is an auctioneer by trade, and he was a teacher for five years about 40 years ago.

He's also a longtime Indiana legislator first elected to the Indiana House in 1988.  In 2004, he moved from the House to the Senate.  So, all totaled up, he's spent over 20 years in the Indiana General Assembly.

It's clear from his resume that Kruse has spent a lot of time on education in his time in the General Assembly.  He's the Senate Education Chair.

Kruse is the sponsor of Senate Bill 89.  This bill would allow Indiana school boards to require the teaching of creationism or "creation science" in Indiana classrooms right along with the accepted and evidence-supported theories on the origins of life.

Let's get one thing out of the way, none of us were there when life began.  We don't know how it did, but I would bet that God did not create the world and everything on it in seven days about 10,000 years ago.  Science does not support that theory.  Thus, it's just a story.  It's a hypothesis with no evidence.  In fact, fossils would say that is just simply not true.

Sen. Dennis Kruse
I am more apt to believe the theory of intelligent design over the story of creation.  Intelligent design is not provable, but it is the idea that an intelligent entity guided evolution or somehow delivered on a plan to create the universe and everything in it.  It's not really provable, but it seems more believable than "creation science" or anything related to it.  Then again, religious-based theory has no place in science.

If I were a science educator, I would be embarrassed to teach creationism along science in my public school classroom.  If I were a parent, and I wanted my child to receive a religious-based education, I would take the necessary steps and move my child to a school that will teach the curriculum I agree with.

There's no way this bill will ever pass Constitutional muster.  NO WAY.

Finally, what's most scary is that a professional auctioneer (who was a teacher from 1970-1975) thinks that he knows best about what should be taught in an Indiana science classroom in 2012.  This is why we need educators to wake up and educate our legislators.  Speak in one clear voice that these kinds of religious stories have no place in our public school classrooms.

Thankfully, SB 89 is getting a lot of push back.  Let's hope that continues.

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Prophet of Doom said...

When Mike Pence is governor and the General Assembly is full of legislators like Kruse, public education will be turned over to churches. No restrictions on prayer. No unions. No curriculum or performance standards. No pesky federal Department of Education. No nutrition programs for the disadvantaged. GOP nirvana!