Monday, December 19, 2011

White To Stand Trial Jan. 30

"Mr. Indictment" Charlie White
Indiana's Embarrassment Secretary of State, Charlie White, will stand trial on seven felony charges on January 30.  A Hamilton Superior Court Judge tossed White's motion out of court that would have dismissed the charges, according to the Indianapolis Star.

As the Star points out, if White is convicted of any of the charges, he will lose his job as Secretary of State under Indiana Law.

Indiana voters knew this date could come, but they elected White anyway.  Under Indiana law, Vop Osili would become Secretary of State as the second-highest vote getter in the race.  Osili has, of course, been elected to the City-County Council in District 15.

That's putting the cart WAY before the horse.  The smartest thing for White to do to ensure his party holds on to the seat is resign now.  He is innocent until proven guilty, but how much time will he have to devote to his Secretary of State job while this trial progresses?  It's a Presidential election year, and Indiana figures to be a player again in this one.

Tendering his resignation is the best course of action for the voters of Indiana as well.  White should resign immediately before his trial begins and allow someone that can focus completely on the job to take the office allowing him to focus completely on his own defense.  Of course, Charlie won't do that.  He's already been asked to resign by Mitch Daniels and other Republican leaders.

Looks like White's content to let this embarrassment to the state play out.  Congratulations Indiana.  He's what you wanted.


girl_cousin said...

Don't forget this guy is a friend of Todd 'never leave an election to the voters' Rokita who also was charged with investigating him. And apparently keeping all results to himself. What a gem.

Anonymous said...

I was at a recent political event,Charlie was there.I kind of felt sorry for the little guy, he was standing by the bar all by himself.No one would talk with him, and this was a room of folks that were his biggest supporters when he was running for the job.

Its really hard to understand how a man can go to work every single day knowing that no one likes him.Well, except for Charlie's bag man who cleans up after him.

The fact is that Osili would have made a much better SOS than Charlie. Whites best buddies Mourdock and Herr Delph are staying as far away from this cancer as possible.

What a mess.... and just think how much time and resources the courts are spending on this scumbag.