Saturday, December 17, 2011

Star Reports Three in Running for State Dem Chair

Three of my good friends are in the running for Indiana State Democratic Party Chair.

Marion County Democratic Party Secretary Sarah Riordan, former Marion County Democratic Party Executive Director Joel Miller, and former Indiana Auditor candidate Sam Locke appear to be the three candidates that are interested in the Indiana Democratic Party Chair-ship.

All three would be excellent choices, so the party will be in good hands any way it goes. That's good news for me as a rank-and-file Democrat.

Tim Jeffers, who had said he had interest in the job, has decided not to pursue the job, according to the Indianapolis Star.

Like Parker, all three of the candidates for the job are very young. When he was named chair in 2004, Parker was the youngest Party Chair in the country. A move to one of these three names would also signal a break from the Evan Bayh-era of Indiana Democratic politics.

This should be an interesting race. The Star also reports that the Indiana Democratic Party Central Committee could pass on all three candidates and keep looking. All three candidates have experience managing a county-level party...Miller and Riordan in the state's largest county and Locke in Floyd County, which neighbors Louisville.

All three will be excellent chairs, and let's hope the State Party decides on one of them today at 10:00 a.m.

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Greg Purvis said...

A reliable source informed me that former Secretary of State candidate Tom McKenna might be in the running.