Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Romney Scrubbed State Records

The Atlantic Wire reported yesterday that when he was Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney worked hard to erase state records accumulated that might illuminate and provide insight to his time as the Chief Executive of Massachusetts.

Among other charges, Atlantic Wire writer Dashiell Bennett says that members of his staff purchased state hard drives with their own money so they could take them home. Scores of e-mails were deleted from the state's database and forced the state to spend $97,000 of taxpayer dollars to break an office equipment lease so new computers could be installed.

Bennett says Romney didn't break any rules, but it's clear that he definitely has had something to hide. In this time where government should be becoming more transparent, it appears that Romney is no fan of transparency. The article also points out that these records are critical because Romney has no other public office experience except for the time he spent as Governor.

It's no wonder why. Romney thinks no one pays attention to things he has said, but he makes John Kerry's flip flops of 2004 look like a model of stoic consistency.

Thing is, this is a major problem should Romney win the nomination. Obama is putting the ball on the tee to attack this one. More presently, it's a major problem as Romney fights for his political life against the likes of Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul who appear to be the latest two Republican geese to lead the "We aren't Mitt" flock. It just gives Republicans one more reason not to like the former Governor.

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