Friday, December 23, 2011

Reactions Get Ugly on Facebook

A Facebook page linked to a man that is apparently the father of Secretary of State Charlie White had a very inflammatory reaction yesterday to the ruling by Marion County Circuit Court Judge Lou Rosenberg that could end up tossing Charlie White from office.

The offending post appears to have been deleted and the page scrubbed, but screenshots began circulating of it, and someone left a comment on my blog last night about it that I did not publish because I could not verify it.

The hateful, inappropriate, and anti-semitic post is gone, but I think it's significant that someone who is apparently White's own father the possible computer hacker doesn't believe his own son Charlie White has any culpability in this.  He or she is saying, "Blame the judge," and he or she doing it in a completely offensive and disrespectful both Judge Rosenberg and his daughter, Erin, who is now working at the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

Makes you sick, doesn't it?

Apparently this was left as a response on an IndyStar article.  Having left a response from my Facebook page before on the IndyStar's new comments section, I know that I've had to be logged in to my account to post.  That, of course, doesn't mean that Mr. White's Facebook could not have been hacked or otherwise compromised.

I hope that was the case, in fact.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Darrell White says his Facebook page was hacked.  The incident was reported to the police in Westfield.  Given that information, I have decided to pull down the picture of the offending post and edit my previous post.  I will give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.


Anonymous said...

Jon, I saw that post last night and could not believe that it had not been taken down by the Star.They take posts down for far less.Its really hard to believe that in todays world there are people like that.

I dint check to se if it was a fake poster.Seems that now that the Star has changed the way you can post that lots of folks are taking on fake identities.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I wouldn't jump to any conclusions. It's easy to fake these sorts of things.

Nonetheless, Judge Rosenberg even said White voted where he lived...but that it was the wrong place because he was only living there temporarily. But he couldn't have voted at the apartment as his residence because he had moved out of there and even Judge Rosenberg seemed to also recognize that he couldn't claim the condo as his residence because he had not moved in yet.

I'm not sure what "culpability" you expect him to cop to. He voted where he lived...the only place I believe he could legally claim as his residence. I think Judge Rosenberg will be proven wrong to suggest he couldn't vote there because that place was "temporary," but to suggest White should fess up to blame when his defense is that he voted where he lived...exactly as he was supposed to do, seems to be unrealistic.

Could White have handled the matter differently? Absolutely. I think it was a big mistake to have his attorney approach this completely as a criminal matter and not as a PR matter. The problem is criminal defense attorneys only know criminal defense...they often can't comprehend that a public officials' reputation is often more important than whether at the end of the day the person is convicted or acquitted.

Anonymous said...

Darrell White's Facebook page had several ugly, anti-Semitic posts on it last night. The one that was also posted on the Indianapolis Star's website was only one among many.

White it is possible that Mr. White's account was hacked, I doubt it.

Charlotte A. Weybright said...

The word "permanent" in registration lingo is used for a reason. It means permanent and not temporary. Not too hard to understand. One's domicile is the place you live AND to which you intend to return.

Of course he voted where he physically "lived." That isn't surprising, and that isn't the issue. It also isn't what voter registration requires. If that were all that was necessary to vote, then those who are transient could vote anywhere they alighted because they were "living" there.

Far too many leave out the fact that there has to be an intent to return to that location and live permanently. Perhaps White shouldn't have run until he got his act together.

The registration requirements also require a different time line for candidates - White missed the time line - period.

An intent to mislead or defraud is not required when it comes to the voter regisstration requirements. You either register in the correct place or you don't. The criminal charges are where intent requriements kick in and those are also facing White.

There were many more posts on the elder White's FB page, and they were all crude. The very first post after the decision came down made reference to the Judge's decision and included 20 follow up comments.

I find it hard to believe that a hacker would follow up with 20 additional comments.

Charlotte A. Weybright said...

I applaud you for removing the material; however, just a quick reminder about a politician who swore up and down his account was hacked for the purposes of sending inappropriate photos.

Anthony Weiner. Let's hope White's account truly was hacked.

Jon E. Easter said...

I still have my doubts, but I will take his word until I hear otherwise.