Thursday, December 22, 2011

Parker Reaction to White Decision

Dan Parker put out this statement after the decision on Charlie White's eligibility to serve as Secretary of State was released.

Congratulations to attorneys Karen Celestino-Horseman and Bill Groth, who led the "team of attorneys" that Parker mentions.

(Still) Indiana Democratic Party Chair Dan Parker

We’ve known for more than a year that Vop Osili should be Secretary of State because Republican Charlie White committed vote fraud as a candidate for the office.

We’ve been fighting to hold White accountable for his actions since before the 2010 election.

A Marion County Circuit Court ruled that White was ineligible as a candidate for office in 2010 and ordered the Indiana Recount Commission to certify Vop as the winner of that election and the rightful Secretary of State.

I’m proud that the Indiana Democratic Party tirelessly waged this challenge, but the victory belongs to Hoosiers who’ve been embarrassed for the last year by a disgraced Secretary of State facing criminal charges and civil litigation for multiple counts of vote fraud.

It’s hard to believe Republicans tolerated his behavior for so long, and today’s legal ruling doesn’t mean Charlie White and the GOP won’t continue to fight.

We need to make sure we’re prepared.

Our team of attorneys spent months compiling the documents, interviewing the witnesses and filing the motions that led to this outcome.

As the party leader who initiated and backed this lawsuit from the outset, I offer my personal congratulations to Secretary of State Vop Osili and hope he will be sworn in quickly to restore confidence in this important state government office.

Democratically yours,
Daniel J. Parker

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Anonymous said...

Parker who flip flopped on his decision to resign was right the first time. Poor Democrats, stuck with a mouthpiece like that. Maybe he should wash his mouth out with soap and start over.