Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Non-existent Gun Rights Debate Ignites in Kroger Case

A gun-toting Kroger employee shot, and killed a robber inside a Kroger store on Monday evening.  Now, a gun-rights debate has sprung up with this employee as a hero.

Here are the facts that we know.  A 20-something would-be robber Twenty-six-year-old Jeremy Atkinson allegedly placed a gun or a gun-like object against the head back of an employee of the Kroger store.  This robber, according to reports, forced this female employee into the office area where he was shot in the face by another Kroger employee, 24-year-old Elijah Elliott.  Later, the robbery suspect died at Wishard Hospital St. Vincent Hospital of wounds sustained in the incident.

Support has poured in for the shooter in this case.  I think that support is well-placed.  This was an heroic act.  Elliott was defending his fellow employee, and it appears that he used a gun...wherever it came from...in self defense.  People are jumping to all sorts of conclusions like Kroger will fire him for carrying a gun to work.  We simply don't know that, and we still don't know all the the facts.  Remember Indiana Law allows an employee to carry a gun to work if you lock it away in your vehicle.

Officials say an arrest is unlikely in the case, so it looks like a crime did not occur.  Remember, Kroger is a union shop.  I would think that those union dues that Kroger employees pay (assuming he wasn't management) will come in handy if Kroger decides to fire Elliott.

Right now, this is a guns-rights debate that really isn't a debate at all until something else happens.


Anonymous said...

I dont want to buy groceries where the employees are packing heat. Marsh for me!!

Sean Shepard said...

Indiana law prevents an private property owner from dictating that a gun may not be brought onto the property so long as it is left locked in the employee's vehicle.

Each employer may otherwise set terms as to allow firearms on their property by their employees. Yes?

Sean Shepard said...

I dunno, Anonymous. Kroger might be pretty safe now if criminals think they might get capped. Nice to know somebody had everyone's back.

Plus, Kroger has cheap generic soda and Marsh doesn't. ;-)