Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Davis Announces 7th District Bid; Ajabu Attempting Independent Run

Well, I wish I would have posted it here, but, when I heard Steve Davis was stepping aside as Southport Police Chief, I knew it would probably be to run for Congress in the 7th District.

The former Republican nominee for Marion County Sheriff announced last week that he was stepping aside to run for another political office. At the time, I posted it on my Facebook that I wondered if he would give Congress a go, and it looks like he is, according to Friday’s Indianapolis Star.

Davis ran unsuccessfully for Sheriff in 2006 and lost the Republican nomination to Dennis Fishburn in 2010. Since that time, he’s been a frequent guest on controversial talk show host Stan Solomon’s internet program. Solomon, of course, had to step aside as Marvin Scott’s campaign manager in the 7th District race in 2010 after his many controversial tweets. A simple Google search reveals quite a few appearances by Steve Davis on the program talking on a number of subjects.

Other names being bandied about out there in rumor land include former candidates Carlos May and Marvin Scott (just because he never knows when to quit). Another intriguing rumor is that City-County Councillor Jeff Cardwell is considering a run.

The 7th District might be more competitive than in the past given AndrĂ© Carson’s controversial statements this past spring and the redistricting that moved the district south to include all of Decatur, Franklin, and Perry Townships and less of Pike, Washington and Lawrence Townships.

Also in the race is controversial figure Mmoja Ajabu. Rev. Ajabu wants to get on the ballot as an independent. He surfaced online in a video talking with the founder of a group that has been described as a "white advocacy" organization known as the Hoosier Nation. Some on YouTube describe the group in another way, and, it's hard not to agree with that opinion when looking at the organization's website. Here's the video.

The seat still figures to be safe, but the right Republican might be able to make a dent. As we’ve seen, the Republican voters don’t know exactly how to get behind the right candidate in the 7th. Carson is still the heavy favorite, and he should be. His controversial statements (which I criticized him for here) are a small blemish on a pretty solid record in Congress thus far.


Anonymous said...

Race pimps make me sick.

Hopefully Ajabu and this Hoosier Nation guy are on the FBI watch list.

Anonymous said...

If memory serves me correctly, Davis dropped out of the primary race for Sheriff.I could be wrong. He saw what a strong candidate that Jason Fishburns daddy was and it scared him,so he bailed.

It will cost at least $400K to run that campaigning the 7th.Good lucy with that Mr. Davis.

Anonymous said...

Carlos May (in my opinion) is the only one of the rumored or confirmed candidates that would run a solid campaign against Carson. The GOP tries to run the same type of candidate in the 7th (previously 10th) every cycle and for the past 20 years they have lost...Carlos is a different candidate who could appeal to many different constituencies. I guess we will have to wait to see what he decides.