Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ballard Steals Kennedy Idea

Greg Ballard's most-staunch supporters spent most of the last year telling us that Melina Kennedy's focus on education was misplaced because the Mayor of Indianapolis had little to do with education.

Well, it looks like the man at the top of the ticket didn't agree.

Ballard has announced that he's searching for a Deputy Mayor of Education. This would be a third Deputy Mayor. No word where the money would come for this position, and there was no credit to Melina Kennedy. Does this mean that I can call Ballard's Deputy Mayor for Education a czar?

I credit the Mayor for seeing a need. Just wish he'd be more honest about where he got the idea.


ralphandavas said...

I do agree with you on this Jon. Nothing wrong with taking ideas from an opponent. But give credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...

This is because Ballard knows that the legislature is going to abolish the IPS school board and put the mayor in charge.