Friday, December 23, 2011

Ballard Leaves Wiggle Room for Third Term

Mayor Greg Ballard did a sit down interview with John Stehr of WTHR-13 that was broadcast just a few minutes ago.

Ballard says he plans to step aside at the end of this term unless he can't accomplish everything he wants to accomplish this term.  Stehr pushed him to see if he would try to run for another office because, in Stehr's words, he's a pretty "viable" candidate.  Ballard refused to take the bait.

In the interview, Ballard said that his two main focuses will be transportation and education.  The latter is, of course, something he talked little about on the campaign trail.  Ballard seems to have cheated off the homework of his opponent, Melina Kennedy, and even Libertarian Chris Bowen who talked more about education than the Mayor did during the 2011 election season.

It's an interesting interview.  I would assume WTHR will post it on their website.


Paul K. Ogden said...

What happened to your vacation? Even bloggers deserve time off.

Anonymous said...

Ballard has been fortunate in not having to run against a well run campaign. If we [the Dems] get our act together, Ballard will lose in a heartbeat.