Friday, November 4, 2011

Political Science Professor Questions WISH-TV Poll

Longtime IUPUI Political Science Professor and Founder of the IUPUI Survey Research Center Brian Vargus told WIBC that he cannot determine whether he believes the results of the WISH-TV Franklin College Poll released Wednesday night on the station's 11:00 p.m. newscast.

Vargus said that the pollsters have refused to release key details. Vargus told WIBC, "They did not tell you the questions that they asked. They don't say how they established that people were registered voters or not. And, one of the hardest things to find likely people were to vote. They just called them eligible voters. They had a certain percentage they said had already voted."

The poll, as you may remember, showed Mayor Greg Ballard with an 11-point lead in the race over challenger Melina Kennedy. It also showed almost two times that number, 21 percent, were undecided in the race.

The real voting is November 8.


Anonymous said...

Professional pollsters show the cross tabs, the questions and explain the methods used. Whatever WISH Tv and Franklin College paid for this poll, they did not get their money's worth. I am also curious what interest Franklin College had in this. I think I understand that they were not involved in the polling so did they simply chip in some money to help pay for it??

Anonymous said...

brian vargus was my professor, and he is a genius. he is right, the wish tv poll was poorly done and even more poorly reported.