Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's Review Shall We...

Some of Mike Pence's fans have been calling me out on Twitter, and calling into question my analysis of the Republican race for Governor. I believe my analysis shows "shocking ignorance" according to one Pence fan and that, I should "stick to Democrats" and "do some research." Ok...just remember...the truth hurts.

Websites like Govtrack (at www.govtrack.us) make doing research very easy. A quick search of Mike Pence's Congressional record shows you the following.

In an analysis of his votes, he is rated as a "Far Right Republican Leader". What does that mean? Pence has co-sponsored a lot of bills. It also means that he's co-sponsored a lot of far right Republican bills. Mike Pence is no centrist. He's far right.

Further, in an analysis of bills he has sponsored, Mike Pence has gotten none of them enacted in Congress. These aren't co-sponsorships where someone can throw their name on them...these are his bills. He's 0 for 63. Pence fans will make all sorts of excuses...but there's not anything there for Pence. Furthermore, if you really want to check his position on issues, go to his Project Vote Smart page.

These ratings say that Mike Pence has spent his time in Congress carrying water for the Republican Party. That's my analysis. I don't claim to be an expert, but I do know some...and I think they agree. In short, any objective analysis will tell you that Mike Pence makes Mitch Daniels look like John Kerry...especially on social issues.

Now, as far as the GOP race goes, Pence is, without question, the frontrunner. Wallace is still a longshot, but he can inflict a lot of damage on Pence by pointing out all of these deficiencies in Pence's record if he wishes to go there. Wallace can define Pence before John Gregg ever has to, and Wallace must do that while introducing himself. People know Mike Pence, but they really don't KNOW Mike Pence. The perception is not the reality and this provides opportunity for Wallace.

I hope that clears up my position for you.


Anonymous said...

It is perfectly clear to me that Pence is a right wing zealot who is so far out of the mainstream that I think independents, moderate repubicans and even some sensible conservative republicans will reject him.

varangianguard said...

0 for 63?

I guess that puts TV weatherpersons up the list a little bit. They usually "bat" no worse than .500.


Good thing the Congressman isn't a baseball player. He'd have been sent back down to the minors long ago.

Anonymous said...

If we elect this fool,we get what we deserve. The man is an empty suit with perfect electable hair.

He helped cure the problems in Dc and we want to make him our CEO ?

God help Indiana

Anonymous said...

The fact that on November 4th Pence was in New York having a 5 star lunch with Trump speaks volumes.

Its all about the big money for him.He waled away with a big check from Trump and left his dignity in New York City.

Pence is all about the money,not us

Greg Purvis said...

Do you know what Mike Pence's only real job was prior to being elected to Congress?

Radio talk show host.

He has never created a single job, and has no clue about the real world issues that workers and small businesses face. Keep that in mind, and pass the word.

Anonymous said...

More details on the radio gig, please... how long, size of station, number of audience, etc.